At the Flying Theatre Academy, young actors get to explore the world of theatre & performance in unexpected settings…
An international airport!


We will establish the first academy year with a very first young crew, who will learn on the field to perform in live circumstances at the airport and showcase the talent to Denmark and the rest of the world. We will work with young people’s creative abilities and imaginations in order to inspire them to take the initiative, create, and perform. The students will learn to cooperate and see things from other perspectives. The Theatre Academy will provide courses for kids, teenagers and adults plus an internship program for young international actors in a variety of subjects. We will create actions and performances at BLL Airport and other regional events in collaboration with all students. They will fly low and high during the courses, where they will be able to learn to use the theatre tools. They will collaborate in the creation of shows and performances with their ideas and creativity in a unique place: the Flying Theatre, the first and only theatre in the world in an international airport.


We believe that theatre and performance can be used as an important tool in young people’s lives after their education. Exploring the boundaries between theatre, interaction and site specific performance, as well performing in foreign languages can be very useful for their future. DFT offers young Danish talents and actors in Europe a different experience of artistic creation and involves them in professional theatre productions and performances that will take place at Billund Airport and the region. The young actor we aim for is a creative performer who is able to express himself in a wide range of artistic expressions, in a theatrical space as well as in an unfamiliar setting, and who knows how to communicate and react to various external stimuli with intelligence, lightness, and elegance.

1: Art & play – under 15 years. (for kids) *
2: Theatre & performance – 15 – 25 years. (for young people) **
3: Training & coaching – for workers and employees – over 30 years old (for adults) **
4: Acting in foreign languages: Internship / ERASMUS+ 20–30 years old (for young actors)

The Academy very first season starts in week 8 and runs until week 24 in 2024. Results will be shown at BLL between February-June.
Next season runs from September 2024 to June 2025.
Internships and workshops for schools/employees will be arranged during the whole year.

Billund Airport

Auditions will take place at Billund Airport at the beginning of February 2024 and August 2024.


The Flying Theatre is the world’s first theatre in an international airport (BLL) under the direction of Giuseppe L. Bonifati and creative producer Linda Sugataghy. Alongside the artistic activity, they have taught theatre and performance in drama schools and universities in Europe and America, and took part in various movies for cinema, television, alongside world-famous Hollywood stars and directors. Read more.

theatre and performance: Giuseppe L. Bonifati (IT), with the participation of Mikael Helmuth (DK)
art and play: Kenneth C. Pala (DK)
film and video: Linda Sugataghy (HU)

Prices for each season (* 2.000 DKK / ** 3.000 DKK) are excluded flying uniform/costume and working materials.
You can register already now for the next season! Classes start if the minimum number of students per group is reached.
International workshop and residencies will be also announced during the year.

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