Giuseppe L. Bonifati and Maestro Claudio Passilongo, a duo with an exceptional artistic synergy, are preparing a new show-concert. This show will include a repertoire of international classics, on the notes of boleros, jazz and bossa nova, and evoke several great musical icons and successes of the past. They will fly the audience from Denmark to Italy, Spain, France, and then to Latin America, Asia, entertaining the spectators with a pleasant and utterly elegant musical evening full of surprises and interactions.

The concert is part of a larger “Low and High Altitude” pilot-projects of the newly founded The Flying Theatre in Billund, town of the second busiest international airport in Denmark and it will be performed also both in a theatre and in a hangar, offering an exceptional experience, optimism and faith in a new era of flying and international travelling, after the long period of isolation and close-down.

a concert-show with
Giuseppe L. Bonifati

Claudio Passilongo Trio

a co-production
DOO performing arts group / Det Flyvende Teater / Art Quarter Budapest