The aim is to interact in the municipality of Billund and at the airport, with the citizens and the passengers, as a new and special airline company, offering them additional attractive alternatives, cultural, artistic or entertaining activities. So we want to engage a local, a Danish and international audience, who can also make direct or indirect advertising for Billund and Det Flyvende Teater in Denmark or abroad.

Low Altitude, June
Activities will include VR and Mixed Reality – installations in the urban space and museums to give people the feeling of being on board of a plane; actions made by our of actors at schools, nursing homes, offices, businesses; from door to door, on the streets and squares, etc.

High Altitude, September
In the second half of 2021, we will also be organising activities in ‘High Altitude’, which will include: interaction in the nearby airport with a crew of actors / opera singers in the role of stewards; live-streaming and video-series from hangars, concerts in the airport’s dedicated spaces and short opera arias on selected flights, upon agreement with Danish and international airlines.

We can see a great opportunity for collaboration with Billund Airport, Billund Municipality, SUN-Air of Scandinavia A/S, other airlines and airports in the future years, an opportunity to create a form of local, national and international network on wings. A small corner office at Billund Airport could help us promote the artistic activities of Det Flyvende Teater in town. With an ad hoc shuttle, we can create a connection between the two places and bring passengers and spectators to and from the theatre. Or vice versa.