Once upon a time there was a bullfighter who was preparing, excitedly, his last bullfight. The long-awaited day arrived and the man had carefully planned every detail. Everything should be perfect, nothing should fail in such a glorious afternoon. He invited for this occasion the three best cooks in the world, to make the most marvellous cake for celebrating his farewell to bullfighting. Alas, not everything went exactly as he had planned…


a dance performance for children and families

concept & direction  Giuseppe L. Bonifati
choreography MA•ZE
with Alberto M. Guinaldo, Anna Szilvási, Barabás Anita, Milan Ujvari
a partnership  DOO performing arts group  / Det Flyvende Teater (DK)
with the support of Trekantområdets Festuge / Ole Kirk’s Fond
in collaboration with the municipalities and schools in Trekantområdet