The Flying Theatre: a stage between the clouds…

The Flying Theatre will continue being a cultural catalyst that develops in the air and puts root in the ground, from its new base at Billund Airport from 2023, thus becoming the very first theatre in the world in an international airport. The program will be carried out during high traffic holiday periods, with theatre and opera at the gates, in the terminals, baggage claims and performances, concerts, dance, workshops for young passengers and festivals in the hangars.

Our theatre stage right in the passenger terminal will be transformed as well into a video-installation, to the benefit of both passengers and citizens of all ages.  We will develop our flying concept on the wings of imagination and creativity also with a new synergy with other regional and national cultural attractions, as it happened with the pilot projects Low and High Altitude & Landing in Trekantområdet.

We will make BLL Airport a focal point, continuing to create an artistic network with different festivals, cities and countries around the world.

concept and direction
Giuseppe L. Bonifati

creative producer
Linda Sugataghy

supported by
Den Jyske Kunstfond, Billund Airport, among others

& in cooperation with local actors in the region

Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I), Linda Sugataghy (H), Flemming Viðar Valmundsson, Sandra Lind Þorsteinsdóttir (IS),
Kenneth Pala (TUR/DK), Alberto Naldo, Lide Martinez (E)
and Emil Sommer (DK