As a child, Lego has always been my favorite game. I was able to literally spend whole days building everything and more. In fact, Lego gave me the possibility to create whatever I wanted, making me feel from time to time like a skilled engineer, a terrible pirate, a medieval knight, a space explorer, and so on and so forth. Perhaps the clearest memory I have of myself as a child is just playing in the living room of my home in Merano, where I was born. And it is a beautiful memory, which still gives me strength, optimism and desire to continue building my life with that same joy with which I put the bricks on top of each other. This is why when Giuseppe Bonifati said to me that he was moving to Billund to establish a theatre and got the idea for the theme of the first show about the inventor of Lego, I could only be happy and enthusiastic about this news and that he wanted to involve me in this work. Thus was born “Super Ole”, a theatrical work suitable for everyone and which is also, without any hagiographic intention, a heartfelt homage to its inventor Ole Kirk Christiansen. Inspired by the same words of him: “children with Lego can make a better world”, I let myself be carried away by imagination and feelings, aware of how much that Game can truly be an educational model.

Super Ole is an absolutely anti-hero hero struggling with a child, a guest in a foster home, who, having traumatically lost his parents in a car accident, closed himself in the spiral of that syndrome which in psychology is called voluntary mutism. He is therefore no longer able to emit not only the slightest word but not even any sound. Simon, the child, is in such a difficult relationship that no one feels able to adopt him. The months pass and he, relegated to that foster home, is getting increasingly sad, except at night when he manages to console himself with secretly playing with the bricks and with his, perhaps imaginary, friend, Super Ole. The relationship between the two is not always idyllic, on the contrary, the little one often takes very hard attitudes towards that strange Super Hero, even targeting him with bricks or closing him inside of a chest. But Super Ole knows children well, and slowly, while allowing himself to be “bombed”, he manages to give Simon back the courage to live and … to speak. His first words, not even on purpose, are: Leg Godt, Play Well. Exactly the two words that give the name to the famous bricks.The tone of the work will be very ironic and fun, with a sparkling language, allowing Super Ole, brick after brick, to make us love little Simon so much that, if he was real, each of us would do everything in order to adopt him.


project and direction
Giuseppe Bonifati

text and dramaturgy
Roberto Cavosi

Csaba Antal

video and graphic
Linda Sugataghy

supported by
Statens Kunstfond

in collaboration with 
Billund Municipality