‘The Flying Theatre is the only place where artists can grow roots in the ground and in the clouds at the same time’.

We started working on The Flying Theatre just before the pandemic arrived, so it took us more time than expected to see clearer between the clouds. Since some time we were dreaming of establishing our own theatre, in a city close to an airport. Therefore we have chosen Billund Airport, which is the departure or arrival point for the adventures of our artistic team about a thousand times since the last fourteen years. What does flying represent for us? Research, discovery, concentration, work and at same time also simply an escape. The flight for us is, to say it frankly, the need of a change…

The main mission of The Flying Theatre, apart from the productions of shows, concerts and events, is to interact in the region and at Billund Airport as a special airline company, with a crew made of pilot/director, crew/performers, and to give to the passengers and the citizens “unforgettable” experiences during their travel.

To prepare the runway, we launched a pilot-project between 2021-2022. With our new theatre space and our continued presence at Billund Airport from 2023, we will pull art out of its usual framework, create new ways of collaboration and give extraordinary experiences for our audiences, in the region, Denmark and all over the world.
We will promote reconnection and meeting with others after the recent months of lockdown and general isolation. Our aim is to activate a wave of hope for the future, through art. The Flying Theatre will not be only a lonely hot air balloon in the sky, but the result of our passion for what we do and for the stories we can tell together. An artistic reality containing several multidisciplinary activities, rooted in the local area, at the same time flying out to reach other places and, enriched by new experiences, to land back home again. A theatre with the instinct of the discoverer, fascinated by the unknown.